Managing leads

Where do I receive my leads?

There are two ways of receiving your leads: 1.) via the "Leads Management Area", in your YagooLeads back office or 2.) Your email inbox.

  • "Leads Management Area" is a reliable way of receiving leads and widely used by our clients for receiving their leads. You can download the leads to an excel database and update them easily. You can also store information for future reference, using our NOTES sections of the lead.

  • You can receive your leads in your mailbox at the email address provided by you at time of registration with YagooLeads. We suggest that our clients provide an alternative e-mail address to ensure that you get leads on time. Some times mail gets blocked for reasons out of our control and leads may not reach your mailbox. Therefore, it is crucial to check your Leads Management Area.

How do I customize my lead settings?

To modify your lead settings, go to the customer area and follow these subsequent steps:

  • In the customer area, click the Lead Settings tab
  • Select an order from the drop down menu provided at the bottom of the page
  • After selecting an order, a page will open where you can access various controls for your selected order. You can :
    • Select the days on which you want leads through the Select Days Tab
    • Control your lead flow by clicking the ON/OFF button. You can do this by selecting the radio button under the tab "Receive Leads"
    • Select the number of Leads you want to receive at a time, on each of the selected days and control the flow of Auto responders by clicking it ON/OFF. You can also control the amount of information you would like to provide in the Auto responders you send, such as e-mail address, phone # and URL, along with creating your very own auto response messages.