Q. Which are best leads?

Premium leads are best leads that are fresh, in which a Person checks "Yes" to the question about possessing a bank account/credit card and should be above 18 years of age. Once you fill the form, you will get leads within minutes.


Q. Will, I receive leads that other possess?

Leads are sent to one associate and you cannot possess leads that other have. The recent development in the software allows us to get details like person's name, e-mail and phone number from database. In case you get a duplicate lead, it is our responsibility to provide a replacement.

Q. How do I register with YagooLeads?

The registration process is simple and followed by various processes. It encompasses following steps:
  • Fill a simple online form
  • After filing of the form, a welcome message in form of an e-mail will reach you shortly along with a link
  • Click the link and your account gets activate

Q. How do I order my leads?

If you want to order leads, follow subsequent steps:
  • Click on the Buy leads tap at the top of the page
  • Choose any of the three categories of leads.
    Now Button provides lead categories:
    • Unlicensed Premium Lead
    • Licensed Premium Leads
    • Training Leads
  • After selecting the lead category, chose between Regular order and Autoship Orders
  • Click the BUY Now tab to place your order. You can view quality as well as prices of leads
  • Click on Click for details tab to get more details about regular and Autoship orders of all the three categories

Q. How soon you will start receiving leads?

You receive leads on the day of purchase. Despite of the size of your leads order, you will start receiving leads immediately.


Q. Are orders processed through our site use the strongest protection and encryption?

Our Website contains your credit card information and they are not on our servers to protect privacy. We rely on both PayPal and Card services for payment processing and use the encryption algorithm to safeguard your security.


Q. What are modes of payment for leads?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery cards. You can make payments by using PayPal but checks must clear before receiving your leads.

Q. How can I access my leads management area?

Log in to your account with your username and password. If you do not have an account, you must create it. You will immediately receive a username and password, which allows you to access your Leads Management Area.


Q. How can I organize my leads?

A. In the leads management area, you can store your leads into different folders and also name and edit these folders. No one can access your folders without your knowledge. You can also write comments about each lead and print lead information, if needed.


Q. How can I track my leads?

Every lead has a unique ID along with the countdown of your order status. For instance, each lead will state, "1 of 10" and "2 of 10" and so on, this allows you to monitor the progress of your order. You can also track your leads in the Leads Management Area.


Q. How to change my days on which I want to receive my leads?

Just by clicking Leads Settings in the Leads Management Area, you can check boxes of days you want to receive your leads. This won't affect any outstanding orders you have purchased.


Q. How do I turn On/Off receiving leads?

In the Leads Management Area, click the option Leads Settings and you can find Receiving Leads along with the two check boxes ON and OFF. If you check OFF, you will not receive the leads until you turn it back.